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Industrial construction in Atlanta. General contractor in Atlanta.

Industrial Construction in Atlanta ∙ New Construction ∙ Retro-Fits ∙ Equipment Installation & Relocation

Commercial Construction in Atlanta. General Contractor in Atlanta.

Commercial Construction in Atlanta ∙ Design-Build ∙ Site Work ∙ Engineering & Management

Facilities Management in Atlanta. General Contractor in Atlanta.

Facilities Management in Atlanta ∙ Maintenance ∙ Compliance Inspections ∙ No Overhead

Temporary Traffic Control in Atlanta. Traffic Control in Atlanta.

Temporary Traffic Control in Atlanta ∙ Standard Roadway ∙ Multi-Lane Highway ∙ Flaggers 



“In today’s market, one is hard pressed to find a contractor with good customer service, a fair price and quality of work.  BCS has proven, many times over, that they have all three and more. When a company cares about their customers and takes pride in their work, it is evident in the final product or service that they provide.  I have always been more than satisfied with BCS.  It makes my job so much easier knowing that my project will be completed on time, on budget, and above expectations, and when working with BCS, this is what I get every time.”

—  Ken 

Project Manager, Polynt Composites



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