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To ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy, Broadstreet Contract Services, Inc. employs a systematic and well-documented approach to executing projects.

From engineers and architects to project managers and construction teams, we all adhere to the execution plan to deliver the assignment on-time and on-budget.


Our projects are divided into three phases:



Broadstreet Contract Services, Inc. serves both the industrial and commercial sectors in the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia. With over 50 years of combined experience and an emphasis on safety, service and quality we are equipped to complete your next project on time, on budget and with little or no disruption to your ability to produce your goods and services.   


Over 80% of our business is with repeat customers because we value the bonds of trust and integrity that tie us to our clients as we work hard to maintain our relationships.

Our Vision

At Broadstreet Contract Services, Inc. we truly have a heart to serve our customers with excellence, integrity and professionalism. Service excellence is at the foundation of all we do at BCS and extends beyond our customers to our employees, vendors and subcontractors. From simple business courtesy to the most complex challenges that so often arise with construction services, we at BCS pledge to always serve with these core principles.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is no accident and it doesn’t just happen.  It requires a deliberate choice and strategy to make it happen.  BCS, Inc. partners in safety with employees and clients, all the way up through both sets of management.  We are a Drug Free Work Place, certified by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  We have adopted and follow the standards of OSHA, ANSI, MSHA. We conduct new hire safety orientation and regular tool box meetings geared toward job task analyses and risk mitigation.   


Not only do we have our own safety program but we incorporate and comply with yours as well. We aren’t motivated by injury free work days; our goal is injury free, healthy employees who go home that way.

Our approach begins with an initial project meeting with the Client, including a site walk, so that our team has a common visual point of reference and understanding of the Project Area. 


Broadstreet Contract Services, Inc. offers comprehensive preconstruction services and technical support staff for each project. Our extensive knowledge of estimating, value engineering, scheduling, local construction requirements and governmental approvals makes us a valuable choice for your project.


Our next step would be the compilation and review of the studies that precede this project. The BCS, Inc. Team brings extensive knowledge of industrial and commercial installations, giving us a solid understanding of the scope of the project.

  • Project Familiarization

  • Review Project Scope 

  • Formalize Strategy 

  • Review Owner Design Standards 

  • Review Existing Utilities and Site Constraints 

  • Research Permitting Requirements 

  • Determine Flow Stream Materials & Equipment

  • Estimate with Accuracy and Contingency Variance

  • Access Value Engineering and Alternates

  • Develop Preliminary Schedule

  • Determine Project Staffing


During the Construction Phase of the project, we will provide all management and related services as necessary to adequately supervise, monitor, and coordinate the work of all subcontractors. Our Team will manage all conditions of the site work rules and will establish and monitor safety, security, cleaning and other conditions.


During the final phase of the project, Broadstreet Contract Services, Inc. prepares to hand the finished project over to the Client. Our Team conducts final field inspections, scope validation, and punch list to ensure the project quality is up to our rigorous standards.

Our vision is to be our customers' definition of quality.


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